Quotes From Kids:

"Dear M4H and Feld Entertainment,
Thank you for giving us tickets to Disney on Ice. We loved it!"

"Dear M4H and Courtney Rainey,
Thank you for speaking that night about posture and holding your head up high. You inspired me to go out and live my dream. I am not at the Covenant House anymore. I got up the nerve to finally get up and do something about my situation. I moved to fulfill my dream of singing.
Love, A."

Internet Safety Tips for Kids!

  • Keep information such as your full name, phone number, address, and school private. Don't give it out to anyone on the internet without your parent's permission.
  • If you're given, sent something, or if you see something that makes you uncomfortable, tell your parents! They'll know how to help!
  • Don't meet your Internet friends in real life. If you decide that you must meet them, have your parents come along.
  • Don't download any files sent to you over the Internet, websites or even emails, if you don't know the person sending it to you.
  • Don't ever hand out your password, unless it is to your parents.
  • Always follow your family's Internet rules since they are there to help you out and let you safely have fun online.
  • Don't ever pay for anything online without parental permission.